independent commodities trading company

Who We Are

ADD Trade FZ-LCC is an independent commodities trading company, registered in the Dubai (UAE). ADD Trade FZ-LCC line of business includes agricultural, textile and kids products wholesale trading.

What We Do

We trade physical commodities working out the optimal ways to pass goods from their points of origin to the points of consumption. We connect commodity producers and end-users by determining the time and form of delivery that would minimize the costs while retaining the commodity quality.

Our Products

Wholesale of Textile Products

We sell a wide range of products from natural and artificial fabrics, which are mainly used for functional and decorative purposes, to clothing, special uniforms and others.

Wholesale of Agricultural Products

ADD Trade FZ-LCC is one of the leading distributors of agricultural products such as corn, soybeans, barley, wheat, oats, etc., and our main goal is always quality and availability.

Wholesale Kids & Baby Products

Wholesale supplier of high quality baby clothes, children’s clothing, baby products, gifts and toys from quality brands

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A4-411A Building no. A4, Al Hamra Industrial, Zone-FZ, RAK, UAE